English Drama : The Robot





The Robot

Have you ever complaint about school? Steven, the main character in our story hated school and did not want to

think, but he was very sorry when Robot 707 put him through the ordeal of being a robot who were programmed

to be important people in the society and did not have a choice.

The Robot was rehearsed and performed by our talented cast of twenty students from P.2 to P.5 for the Hong

Kong School Drama Festival 2017-18. Our delightful performance earned us numerous prizes including: The

Award for Outstanding Director, the Award for Outstanding Performer, the Award for Outstanding Stage Effect,

the Award for Outstanding Cooperation, the Award for Commendable Overall Performance and the

Adjudicators’ Award. While we are thrilled that our students’ talent and effort has been honored with so many

awards, what we valued the most was the learning process. Throughout this drama production, students enjoyed

every moment of it as they were immersed in the authentic use of English. They demonstrated not only their

talent in performing but self-discipline and dedication and became more confident and at ease with the use of

English.. This production has been most rewarding to all participating students and those who witnessed it.